Preparing for Easter can be hard work, especially if you’re the Easter Bunny! It’s easy to lose track of all the eggs – chocolate or otherwise.

You know what might help? A content pool! It is designed to help you keep track of everything, so you know exactly where all your eggs are. Big, small, white or multi-coloured – there would be space for all of them in the content pool.

Sharing the eggs would be child’s play, too. All you need is a couple of clicks to set up the filters and display the content you’re looking for.

Displaying thumbnails in a content pool is another area of customisation. For Easter eggs the best option is portrait mode!

Happy Easter!

Images, videos, texts – our content pools support a large number of different media types. But which ones exactly? After all, there are countless file formats, far more than the familiar .jpg, .pdf or .mp4.

So which ones are we talking about? The list is long (which is why we’ve placed it at the end of this post). What’s important for you to know is that they all fit into the content pool and can therefore be made accessible to third parties. It makes no difference which standard browser you use or whether you access the desktop or mobile version.

Depending on your personal taste, you can also use the data types as a filter. So everyone can quickly find what they need. Perhaps it’s a vital press release or the new image video? Alternatively, you can also add an optical symbol to your content pool, showing yourself and your users what kind of file is being used. It could be a loudspeaker for audio files or a camera for videos – the possibilities are endless.

By the way, the content pool doesn’t have a problem with ZIP files They enable the combination of multiple file format types. For example, you can allow your content pool users access to multiple images, videos and documents with just one download.

Got any more questions or is there an important file format that you think is missing in the following list? Get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution together!

List of the supported file formats:


.pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat)
.doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document)
.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
.odt (OpenDocument Text Document)
.xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
.psd (Adobe Photoshop Document)


.mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4)
.mov (QuickTime)
.wmv (Windows Media Video)
.ogv (Ogg)
.3gp (3GPP)
.3g2 (3GPP2)

Our content pools have a large number of possible uses, numerous functions and there are also completely different packages to choose from. In addition, you can make the decision whether to maintain the pool yourself or have it managed by us. We quite understand that a lot of questions can quickly crop up here and that’s why we’ve got some answers ready for you.

Our FAQ summarizes the most frequently asked questions and offers the appropriate solutions – briefly and clearly explained. No matter whether you’re still thinking about a content pool or need concrete assistance with the pool’s management, you can find help in the FAQ.

Of course, a question might remain unanswered, despite our careful selection. So, if you want to know more about an issue or topic, or you need help with a problem that hasn’t already made it into the FAQ, then don’t hesitate to ask. Our support team is at your service. And what’s more, they are continually extending the FAQ.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our content pools. They can serve as press databases or as an internal media storage solution for business – or both, as in this case with soft trim.

The automotive components supplier based in Dresden develops seat concepts for automotive manufacturers and the motorsport industry. soft trim employs a 60-strong team spread across a range of departments, from stitching to product design and seat cover development. As a result, the content pool has to serve a number of different purposes at once. As an industrial firm, soft trim supplies journalists and regional media representatives with press material. At the same time, the content pool also facilitates the necessary sharing of data internally between departments.

But how? All of the company’s media content is stored in the content pool – from documents and photos to product sheets and other important files. The filter function allows users to search by department, project or individual. Employees have password-protected access to the entire content pool, including from other departments. It’s all there at the click of a mouse.

Alongside the password-protected section, there is also a public area of the content pool. Here, representatives of the press can gain access through a simple link and download the content they need directly. Journalists also have access to the filter function, allowing them to find materials quickly and without much effort.

Last but not least, the content pool also fulfils another important requirement at soft strim: the servers are located in Germany. “Here at soft trim we work on countless projects that are strictly confidential,” explains Kai Rudolph, who manages soft trim’s commercial operations. “Secure storage in Germany is an absolute must, and with our content pools we can guarantee that our data is not located in another country and we can meet our clients’ requirements.”

Visit the soft trim content pool.

Nobody says no to a pool party in fashionable Monte Carlo! Reason enough for us to organize one of our pool parties in Monaco. Party promoter: Sean Johnston.

And it was no coincidence that Sean was in the Principality. The 30-year-old US American was competing in the WRC – the World Rally Championship – and was accompanied by the logo on his Citroën C3. As it turned out, this was his lucky charm. Together with co-driver Alex Kuhirani, Sean clinched fifth place after a very challenging weekend.


The result is impressive. The Rallye Monte-Carlo, in short “Monte”, is in fact one of the most prestigious international motorsport events, and the 2021 season-opener also happened to be the legendary event’s 89th edition. In addition, weather conditions produced a mix of snow, ice, sun and rain that stretched the duo to its limits.

Spectators weren’t allowed this year. But for all those who had to stay at home, Sean has brought a souvenir with him. Spectacular rally photos from the French Alps – stunning views with masses of snow. And where are these photos best kept? In a content pool, of course!

Photos by Aurelien Vialatte

One major advantage of our content pool is how simple they are to use. All you need is a brief introduction before you begin adding content – no programming knowledge required. This means you can maintain and update your content pool yourself, right from day one. Upload media, categorise content and you’re done! Of course, you won’t always have time to take care of your own content pool, which is where we come in! You can take responsibility for your content pool or our team can take care of everything for you.

No-one knows your data as well as you, that much is sure. You know what year your content is from or who is featured in images (and much more besides). This is the starting point for creating the right categories for your content pool and updating your media as you go. Of course, we will show you how to properly upload content and apply filters. We are there if you have any questions at all.

That all sounds pretty good, right? But what if you don’t have time to manage your content pool? Or there is no-one at your company who can take the job on. Not to worry! Let us take care of it. Our team will manage and update your content, in close collaboration with you of course. We know our content pools like the back of our hand and can leave you to take care of other tasks.

You can even have the best of both worlds: add your content to your content pool but let us manage it. Let’s say you have a large collection of images that need to available in your content pool at short notice. You don’t have much time to get the job done – so you upload the media to the content pool but leave the job of categorising the photos to us.

The choice is yours: put together the package you require or get in touch with us for a quote.

Just imagine: The Ski World Cup is in your city and no-one is allowed to go. That’s what the organisers in Dresden felt like as the best cross-country skiers travelled to the capital of Saxony. Fans were forced to stay away from the venue in line with the event’s hygiene concept.

Fans were still able to follow all the action, but only from home in front of the TV. Media representatives and journalists, on the other hand, had a somewhat more difficult job gathering all the information they needed while not being on site. The Ski World Cup were aware of the communication challenges posed by the event in advance, and so they had a ready-made solution on hand – their own content pool.

Not only does the content pool supply all images and the programme from the latest event, media from previous Ski World Cups can also be found there. This treasure trove of content and information eliminates one of the most time-consuming jobs for representatives of the media: searching for photo material and other information. Everything is stored centrally and can be located and downloaded at the touch of a button thanks to the smart filter function.

The content pool enabled the Ski World Cup Dresden to put together a simple and user-friendly solution and allow the press to report on the event despite not being in attendance. Not providing any material whatsoever would run the risk of no media coverage of the event at all.

That would have been a great shame as the Nordic skiing arena against the backdrop of the impressive old town of Dresden is definitely worth a look.

We all know what a pool is – and we’d like to have one, well a lot of us would, especially in summer. But the word content is another matter. It isn’t used very often in everyday life, but everyday well-known things are quite often meant.

Amongst other things, the term refers to all the texts on websites, press reports, social media photos, the newest commercial clip or image films. German Duden says: “qualified content, in particular information content on websites”. In short: the term content covers a great deal. And it is valuable, in fact it’s often worth quite a lot.

After all, the production of videos, photos and texts costs money, a lot of time and creativity is involved. For this reason, content shouldn’t get lost or indeed forgotten. Order of the day is to get as much out of it as possible and the best way of doing this is to store the content in a safe, easily accessible and well-organized place – for example in a Content Pool, which in other words, is the catch basin for all the content! Whatever you’re looking for, it can be found in the pool within seconds.

Images, videos, documents and every kind of content find a home in the pool (we’ll explain here why the term pool is used). Thanks to filters and search function, finding it all is as easy as it gets, no matter how much media is stored in the pool or however long ago it was produced. Eligible persons can share access to the data at the same time and from anywhere. Content availability for third persons is also no problem – thanks to password protection, access can be individually regulated.

To sum things up: as the term says, content is subject matter, media and data which you or somebody else has created for your further use. The Content Pool serves as a collective basin and provides you and designated others, instant access to whatever is stored there.

Winter and a pool party? Two things that don’t really seem to match. At least, here in Germany. However, we enjoy celebrating far too much, to let minus degrees and possibly some snow stop us from having a party.

That’s why we’ve been doing some thinking and have come up with an idea for us all to enjoy our own, individual (Corona-conforming) pool party: This year there’ll be Content Pool Advent calendars.

Party feeling and a bit of chocolate are a great way to start the day. In addition, each door reveals one of the content pool’s many benefits. So by the 24th December, there are no more excuses for not having your own pool!

By the way, some excuses did turn up here in the agency: especially after one or two Advent calendars were already empty by the 1st December. One or two of our colleagues obviously have a slightly unhealthy attitude towards sweets – and no self-control whatsoever!

You can use your content pool to store all files in a central database. You can organize and structure them and allow access by all defined users. This works quickly and easily on any computer.

What’s more, you can not only use your content pool with the help of the desktop version, you can also assign filters or take care of media uploading/downloading on your mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet. This makes you completely flexible and allows you access to your content pool when you are on the move. In addition, the interface is optimized for your device and therefore clearly designed.

It offers you, your employees, partners or customers a wide range of possibilities. For example, if the content pool is used as a press database and contact point for media representatives, they are able to download and process content on-site during an event or presentation – in this way, social media can be managed within seconds.

Another advantage: Regardless of their location, company employees, who travel extensively, can up and download content, and instantly share photos, videos or documents with colleagues. This saves valuable time and long mail exchanges with countless links and attachments. Everything is in one place and everyone knows where to find it.

In short: Your content pool is always available, wherever you are. Using it saves time and you can work flexibly – with any device!

René Rast is a true fan favourite among the DTM community. Not only is the Audi works driver one of the nicest guys on the grid, he’s also one of the quickest and most successful too. In 2020, the 34-year-old wrapped up his third drivers’ title in the DTM.

Coverage of and interest in the DTM champion is high, as is demand for high-quality images. It doesn’t matter if it’s in print or online, even the best text content only comes to life with the right photos. This is where the new René Rast content pool comes in.

Many reports on Rast focus on other aspects of his career, and not just his title wins. With such a wealth of experience in motorsport, there is no shortage of subjects to write about either. Rarely do drivers have such a lasting impact on the series in which they compete, but that’s certainly the case with this future Formula E driver. The real challenge is picking out the right imagery to accompany all of the key milestones in Rast’s long career.

The content pool turns this challenge into a quick and simple process. It provides media from all of the years and series in which Rast has raced and competed, all sorted according to image type. Thanks to the sophisticated filter function, finding what you need is just a couple of clicks away. Whether you’re looking for specific material or simply want to browse – the content pool is the perfect solution.

The content pools offer a wide range of other advantages besides the filters. They are simple to use, with no prior knowledge required, and can be set up in no time at all. Adding content is also a straightforward process that doesn’t require any special training.

The content pools are the brainchild of just authentic GmbH. The motorsport communications agency based in Dresden has years of experience developing databases, and is now deploying this expertise in the area of content pools. Whether you need one of the standard packages or would prefer a custom solution, just authentic has the right database solution for your company.

Content pools are incredibly versatile, but one area in which they really come into their own is sales. Or, to be more precise: structured sales. Read on to find out more.

Let’s take an international manufacturer of small parts, for instance, such as screws. The company does not sell its screws directly, and instead works with importers and dealers all over the world. It has a global network of partners who are responsible for selling the company’s products.

But a large network of dealers can be a blessing and a curse. Each of the partners needs to have up-to-date information on the latest products, current price lists, new datasheets for products and product imagery – to keep their own online shop up to date for example.

Responding to requests for information and content is time-consuming and costs money, too. Day in, day out, employees will have to answer emails and telephone calls and send off the information the dealers need. High-resolution product imagery also requires not inconsiderable storage space, and so emails ending up in spam folders or not arriving at all is a frequent occurrence. Infinitely long email chains don’t exactly contribute to simplicity, either.

This is where content pools come into play. Content pools are a one-stop shop for dealing with all of these tasks. You can store all of your price lists, product imagery, etc. in your very own content pool and grant access to whomever you want. All of your files are stored centrally and can be made available to partners worldwide with password protection. Thanks to the extensive filter features, content is easy to locate, while the central storage location means that nothing will be lost in the ether either. Everyone knows where to find the media they need, and every dealer or partner receives information at the same time.

This all translates to significant savings in both time and money when it comes to providing dealers with the information and materials they need. Now, you can focus on what’s important to your company – fostering and strengthening those vital personal relationships. It’s a win-win for dealers too, as they have all the information they need at their fingertips at any time instead of waiting for an email response.

Three different packages? Or a custom solution? With our content pools you can find the product that is perfectly suited to your needs. Our packages offer a variety of storage space, access and user numbers, filtering functions and file formats.

But there is one thing the packages all have in common: we take care of the set-up work and design the content pool however you like. The functions depend on the chosen package.

The Basic package is the entry-level solution. Storage space of 5 GB means that any individual or business can provide a whole host of data and apply up to five filters. Our standard file formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, MOV, PDF, DOCX & MP3) are part of the plan of course, as is the ability to download files.

Do you need more space and also the ability to add additional users to your content pool? Not a problem. Our Media package is a little larger, offering 25 GB of storage space and up to three users. You can also choose whether you would like to make your database public or whether it should be password protected. Up to ten filters can be applied, and four further file formats are available in additional to the standard formats.

The most extensive solution we offer is our Holding package. It offers 50 GB of storage space and the ability to add up to five users and five separate content pools, in other words one for each department or group in a company. You have complete control over who can access what. With 20 filters and eight additional file formats, it is simple to manage and access content. Media can be provided for download in whatever size and resolution you want.

Sounds good? What if you are looking for additional customisation for your content pool? No problem at all – simply get in touch with us and we can put together a tailor-made package especially for you or add additional functions to your package!

Our content pools are there to process, structure and offer access to all kinds of media. It makes no difference whether the data are to be publicly or privately available – the password function allows both options.

Depending on the intended purpose and the media, you can choose the version that suits you best. In just one step, you can decide whether data can be solely accessed by yourself or your employees and/or the public. The advantage: not only can you use the content pool for internal work, but you can also provide partners, media or customers with content – and users can only see data they are authorized to view.

By the way, this also functions with multi-access portals. In other words, all customers receive their own access to the content pool and are quickly able to find the required structured content.

Do you need a practical example for a user-friendly password function? How about a press database for racing teams? The content pool can be used by a team to store all its content on a single platform, where team members and photographers have password-protected access to all material. You can choose which media are made available to the public and they can be easily accessed by press and media representatives. Everyone can find exactly what they need – quickly, easily and with minimum effort!

Still struggling to imagine what content pools, databases and structuring data are all about? Don’t worry, with our sample database you can take a look at a content pool and gather together some ideas of how you can use it.

Simply visit and check out our sample content pool – on the subject of drinks as the perfect accompaniment to our pool party!

You can filter the drinks using a number of different categories – including type of drink and alcohol content, such as alcoholic drinks or non-fizzy drinks. Filter out the drinks you want simply and easily and download them. Amongst others, the content pool is compatible with image files, PDF files or videos – you decide exactly what you are looking for and what answers you need!

Customising the appearance is also simple – including the colour scheme, images and logos and other usability features. You can publish your files on the content pool or only make it available to certain people.

Try it out now and find out how content pools can help you! If you need any help or want to build your own content pool, just get in touch!