The possibilities are endless when it comes to our content pools. They can serve as press databases or as an internal media storage solution for business – or both, as in this case with soft trim.

The automotive components supplier based in Dresden develops seat concepts for automotive manufacturers and the motorsport industry. soft trim employs a 60-strong team spread across a range of departments, from stitching to product design and seat cover development. As a result, the content pool has to serve a number of different purposes at once. As an industrial firm, soft trim supplies journalists and regional media representatives with press material. At the same time, the content pool also facilitates the necessary sharing of data internally between departments.

But how? All of the company’s media content is stored in the content pool – from documents and photos to product sheets and other important files. The filter function allows users to search by department, project or individual. Employees have password-protected access to the entire content pool, including from other departments. It’s all there at the click of a mouse.

Alongside the password-protected section, there is also a public area of the content pool. Here, representatives of the press can gain access through a simple link and download the content they need directly. Journalists also have access to the filter function, allowing them to find materials quickly and without much effort.

Last but not least, the content pool also fulfils another important requirement at soft strim: the servers are located in Germany. “Here at soft trim we work on countless projects that are strictly confidential,” explains Kai Rudolph, who manages soft trim’s commercial operations. “Secure storage in Germany is an absolute must, and with our content pools we can guarantee that our data is not located in another country and we can meet our clients’ requirements.”

Visit the soft trim content pool.

Just imagine: The Ski World Cup is in your city and no-one is allowed to go. That’s what the organisers in Dresden felt like as the best cross-country skiers travelled to the capital of Saxony. Fans were forced to stay away from the venue in line with the event’s hygiene concept.

Fans were still able to follow all the action, but only from home in front of the TV. Media representatives and journalists, on the other hand, had a somewhat more difficult job gathering all the information they needed while not being on site. The Ski World Cup were aware of the communication challenges posed by the event in advance, and so they had a ready-made solution on hand – their own content pool.

Not only does the content pool supply all images and the programme from the latest event, media from previous Ski World Cups can also be found there. This treasure trove of content and information eliminates one of the most time-consuming jobs for representatives of the media: searching for photo material and other information. Everything is stored centrally and can be located and downloaded at the touch of a button thanks to the smart filter function.

The content pool enabled the Ski World Cup Dresden to put together a simple and user-friendly solution and allow the press to report on the event despite not being in attendance. Not providing any material whatsoever would run the risk of no media coverage of the event at all.

That would have been a great shame as the Nordic skiing arena against the backdrop of the impressive old town of Dresden is definitely worth a look.

René Rast is a true fan favourite among the DTM community. Not only is the Audi works driver one of the nicest guys on the grid, he’s also one of the quickest and most successful too. In 2020, the 34-year-old wrapped up his third drivers’ title in the DTM.

Coverage of and interest in the DTM champion is high, as is demand for high-quality images. It doesn’t matter if it’s in print or online, even the best text content only comes to life with the right photos. This is where the new René Rast content pool comes in.

Many reports on Rast focus on other aspects of his career, and not just his title wins. With such a wealth of experience in motorsport, there is no shortage of subjects to write about either. Rarely do drivers have such a lasting impact on the series in which they compete, but that’s certainly the case with this future Formula E driver. The real challenge is picking out the right imagery to accompany all of the key milestones in Rast’s long career.

The content pool turns this challenge into a quick and simple process. It provides media from all of the years and series in which Rast has raced and competed, all sorted according to image type. Thanks to the sophisticated filter function, finding what you need is just a couple of clicks away. Whether you’re looking for specific material or simply want to browse – the content pool is the perfect solution.

The content pools offer a wide range of other advantages besides the filters. They are simple to use, with no prior knowledge required, and can be set up in no time at all. Adding content is also a straightforward process that doesn’t require any special training.

The content pools are the brainchild of just authentic GmbH. The motorsport communications agency based in Dresden has years of experience developing databases, and is now deploying this expertise in the area of content pools. Whether you need one of the standard packages or would prefer a custom solution, just authentic has the right database solution for your company.

Normally, JANS groupe knows how to build pools. They’re an established part of the construction company’s portfolio of high-quality properties in Luxembourg. When building their very own content pool, JANS group decided to expand their partnership with us. We have been assisting JANS groupe with its corporate communications for many years now.

The idea to create an online database was kicked off by a JANS group image book that we were tasked with creating. For this project we had access to over 10,000 images – but the photos were only assigned to the relevant construction project in the existing folder structure. Cross-project, categorised presentation, for example collating images of building exteriors or bathrooms, was not possible. This made finding the right photos for the image book a long and laborious process, involving searching through countless sub-folders.

Not only does the new JANS group content pool improve the structure of the image content, it also allows text content relating to construction projects to be found quickly and easily. The content pool is therefore a major time saver and offers a significant improvement in convenience compared to the old system.

We also uploaded all available material into the database and added keywords on properties such as year of construction, materials and sanitary facilities. Now there is a ZIP file for each construction project containing all the relevant images ready for download.

JANS group primarily uses its new content pool as an internal data archive. However, the solution also simplifies the company’s presentation, as now the JANS groupe website can be maintained with significantly less time and effort.

Steve Jans, Managing Director: “The time taken to add proper keywords to all of the content has proven worthwhile in a number of ways. It has never been so easy to find the material we need, and in a fraction of a second too!”

One of Germany’s most established motorsport companies, Project 1, opted to implement our content pool solution for its press database. The team, based in Lohne in Lower Saxony, has been fighting for victories and championship titles with Porsche racing cars for decades. The team has enjoyed great success in the Porsche Supercup, which is part of the Formula 1 calendar.

In 2018, Project 1 joined the FIA World Endurance Championship. It was a big step for the team, and also necessitated some changes in its PR concept. Due to the global presence of the series, the number of press enquiries rose significantly – and the Project 1 PR team wanted a way of working through them as quickly as possible.

So, they came to us. We developed a bespoke content pool for Project 1 for use as a press database. The database provides journalists with a wide range of media content, including the latest press releases and photos from races.

All of the content is structured and categorised, allowing, for example, users to select and download photos from the last podium ceremony or the driver announcement for the coming season in just a couple of clicks.

We are always on hand to assist the Lohne-based team as a contact partner. Through our media training, we can ensure that the Project 1 team always maintains the content properly and in good time. This makes sure that the system is easy and convenient to use for journalists. It is already popular among members of the specialist press and local journalists alike.

Jan Bodenbach, Head of Communication at Project 1: “The database is a fantastic addition to our already very extensive communication measures. Not only did it help us gain a foothold in the FIA WEC media landscape, it also allowed us to match the level of PR normally only offered by the larger teams.”