A content pool for the Ski World Cup

Just imagine: The Ski World Cup is in your city and no-one is allowed to go. That’s what the organisers in Dresden felt like as the best cross-country skiers travelled to the capital of Saxony. Fans were forced to stay away from the venue in line with the event’s hygiene concept.

Fans were still able to follow all the action, but only from home in front of the TV. Media representatives and journalists, on the other hand, had a somewhat more difficult job gathering all the information they needed while not being on site. The Ski World Cup were aware of the communication challenges posed by the event in advance, and so they had a ready-made solution on hand – their own content pool.

Not only does the content pool supply all images and the programme from the latest event, media from previous Ski World Cups can also be found there. This treasure trove of content and information eliminates one of the most time-consuming jobs for representatives of the media: searching for photo material and other information. Everything is stored centrally and can be located and downloaded at the touch of a button thanks to the smart filter function.

The content pool enabled the Ski World Cup Dresden to put together a simple and user-friendly solution and allow the press to report on the event despite not being in attendance. Not providing any material whatsoever would run the risk of no media coverage of the event at all.

That would have been a great shame as the Nordic skiing arena against the backdrop of the impressive old town of Dresden is definitely worth a look.

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