A winter pool party

Winter and a pool party? Two things that don’t really seem to match. At least, here in Germany. However, we enjoy celebrating far too much, to let minus degrees and possibly some snow stop us from having a party.

That’s why we’ve been doing some thinking and have come up with an idea for us all to enjoy our own, individual (Corona-conforming) pool party: This year there’ll be Content Pool Advent calendars.

Party feeling and a bit of chocolate are a great way to start the day. In addition, each door reveals one of the content pool’s many benefits. So by the 24th December, there are no more excuses for not having your own pool!

By the way, some excuses did turn up here in the agency: especially after one or two Advent calendars were already empty by the 1st December. One or two of our colleagues obviously have a slightly unhealthy attitude towards sweets – and no self-control whatsoever!

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