Content pool? Why pool?

Ever have that feeling that, even you have invested a great deal of time into an idea or project, you’re still not 100% happy with the end product? That’s how we often felt when it came to marketing and distributing our media databases.

We have been developing press and media databases for companies and teams since 2016. Our first toe in the water in this area was creating a media portal for Hyundai Motorsport, which journalists used to access the wealth of content provided by the South Korean manufacturer. Over the years we developed other databases, but always with the same aim: sharing media in a structured form.

The only difficulty is explaining what’s behind the product. “Do you collect data?” is often the first question we are asked when we tell people what we do. Then there’s classic statements such as: “We don’t do any press work, so we don’t need a press database” or “Our company is much too small for something like that”.

But the great thing about our product is that it is so versatile. The possibilities really are endless – regardless of company size or what kind of data you want to share. Solutions to share images, documents or videos, for employees, for customers or for journalists – the choice is yours. All you need to do is think about the opportunities!

We believe in our product, but obviously there were some hurdles to overcome convincing others of its benefits. So, we had a brainwave: a rebrand! No longer do we talk about databases, our solutions are content pools.

It really hits the nail on the head, as these pools really do contain all manner of content.

Also, everyone loves a pool party, right?

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