Our content pools – true transformation artists

We’ve already talked a lot about how versatile our content pools are. And this not only applies to their areas of application. They’re visually very versatile too and can be easily adapted to fit your CI. Here, we’ll explain exactly what you can change:

Colour. Make your content pool shine in your corporate colours. You can select background, menu and font colours accordingly, enabling users to see immediately that it’s your pool!

Header. You can prominently feature a title photo of your choice or your logo at the top of your page. And you can also individually determine the title’s font, colour, position and text.

Favicon. This refers to the little image in the tab next to your page title. Here you can place your logo or an icon matching your CI.

Filters.  For a start, you can of course select how many and which filters you want for your content pool. In addition, you can adapt their type and sequence. This means: top, bottom, left, right – you decide on the filters’ page position. Which also applies to their form of presentation. You can choose between dropdown menu and free text search. Obviously, combinations are also possible.

Your media presentation. Square or rectangle, with or without frame – the sequence and output of your preview images depend on your taste. You can also choose how many images are produced in a row. But that’s not all: You can also add a small pointer, providing information about the type of media – e.g., video or document – used.

Lightbox. Start with the decision whether you wish to use a lightbox. It enables users to preview the file on a larger scale. In addition, you can issue information such as place or persons depicted, add a copyright or adjust a download button – depending on your specific requirements!

Most important of all: you can design your content pool according to your wishes and needs – on your own or with our assistance. We’re always here to help you and answer your questions. Of course, we can also carry out the complete adaptation, if you like. Just let us know, which option you prefer. You can get in touch too, if you need other changes. We’ll find a solution together.

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