soft trim: A pool party for the industry

The possibilities are endless when it comes to our content pools. They can serve as press databases or as an internal media storage solution for business – or both, as in this case with soft trim.

The automotive components supplier based in Dresden develops seat concepts for automotive manufacturers and the motorsport industry. soft trim employs a 60-strong team spread across a range of departments, from stitching to product design and seat cover development. As a result, the content pool has to serve a number of different purposes at once. As an industrial firm, soft trim supplies journalists and regional media representatives with press material. At the same time, the content pool also facilitates the necessary sharing of data internally between departments.

But how? All of the company’s media content is stored in the content pool – from documents and photos to product sheets and other important files. The filter function allows users to search by department, project or individual. Employees have password-protected access to the entire content pool, including from other departments. It’s all there at the click of a mouse.

Alongside the password-protected section, there is also a public area of the content pool. Here, representatives of the press can gain access through a simple link and download the content they need directly. Journalists also have access to the filter function, allowing them to find materials quickly and without much effort.

Last but not least, the content pool also fulfils another important requirement at soft strim: the servers are located in Germany. “Here at soft trim we work on countless projects that are strictly confidential,” explains Kai Rudolph, who manages soft trim’s commercial operations. “Secure storage in Germany is an absolute must, and with our content pools we can guarantee that our data is not located in another country and we can meet our clients’ requirements.”

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