What happens at a pool party?

Still struggling to imagine what content pools, databases and structuring data are all about? Don’t worry, with our sample database you can take a look at a content pool and gather together some ideas of how you can use it.

Simply visit and check out our sample content pool – on the subject of drinks as the perfect accompaniment to our pool party!

You can filter the drinks using a number of different categories – including type of drink and alcohol content, such as alcoholic drinks or non-fizzy drinks. Filter out the drinks you want simply and easily and download them. Amongst others, the content pool is compatible with image files, PDF files or videos – you decide exactly what you are looking for and what answers you need!

Customising the appearance is also simple – including the colour scheme, images and logos and other usability features. You can publish your files on the content pool or only make it available to certain people.

Try it out now and find out how content pools can help you! If you need any help or want to build your own content pool, just get in touch!

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