JANS groupe: pool party in Luxembourg

Normally, JANS groupe knows how to build pools. They’re an established part of the construction company’s portfolio of high-quality properties in Luxembourg. When building their very own content pool, JANS group decided to expand their partnership with us. We have been assisting JANS groupe with its corporate communications for many years now.

The idea to create an online database was kicked off by a JANS group image book that we were tasked with creating. For this project we had access to over 10,000 images – but the photos were only assigned to the relevant construction project in the existing folder structure. Cross-project, categorised presentation, for example collating images of building exteriors or bathrooms, was not possible. This made finding the right photos for the image book a long and laborious process, involving searching through countless sub-folders.

Not only does the new JANS group content pool improve the structure of the image content, it also allows text content relating to construction projects to be found quickly and easily. The content pool is therefore a major time saver and offers a significant improvement in convenience compared to the old system.

We also uploaded all available material into the database and added keywords on properties such as year of construction, materials and sanitary facilities. Now there is a ZIP file for each construction project containing all the relevant images ready for download.

JANS group primarily uses its new content pool as an internal data archive. However, the solution also simplifies the company’s presentation, as now the JANS groupe website can be maintained with significantly less time and effort.

Steve Jans, Managing Director: “The time taken to add proper keywords to all of the content has proven worthwhile in a number of ways. It has never been so easy to find the material we need, and in a fraction of a second too!”

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