The great mind behind content pools

Intuitive and easy to use – that’s what we aspire our content pools to be. Ensuring that we meet these ambitions requires brains. And David has plenty of those.

May we introduce to you: David Giesemann, 33 years of age, programmer. He is the mastermind behind our content pools that are used in a variety of fields. “More areas of use mean increasing requirements. That’s why new solutions are always sought after,” he explains.

Project solutions for the web have been David’s priority for a while. The trained graphic designer took his first steps on the internet in his youth. What began with small websites for family and friends continuously advanced to more. His portfolio includes a phone book provider’s online presence, and he can look back on wide range of websites and shops he has created. On top of all this comes the development of our content pools.

David incorporated the content pools into his work in 2016, and they are undoubtedly responsible for a few of the grey hairs. The task: creating a press database for journalists. “The project was a bumpy ride, but in the end it all fell into place. Much more important was that we managed to create our very first database. Five years later, it still performs like clockwork. That’s what we were able to build on.”

With our content pools having evolved significantly, David’s main task now is to perfect them. “We’re thinking about functionality, optimising the pools. Every development needs to be well though through and tested meticulously,” he says.

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