What does “Content“ in Content Pool mean?

We all know what a pool is – and we’d like to have one, well a lot of us would, especially in summer. But the word content is another matter. It isn’t used very often in everyday life, but everyday well-known things are quite often meant.

Amongst other things, the term refers to all the texts on websites, press reports, social media photos, the newest commercial clip or image films. German Duden says: “qualified content, in particular information content on websites”. In short: the term content covers a great deal. And it is valuable, in fact it’s often worth quite a lot.

After all, the production of videos, photos and texts costs money, a lot of time and creativity is involved. For this reason, content shouldn’t get lost or indeed forgotten. Order of the day is to get as much out of it as possible and the best way of doing this is to store the content in a safe, easily accessible and well-organized place – for example in a Content Pool, which in other words, is the catch basin for all the content! Whatever you’re looking for, it can be found in the pool within seconds.

Images, videos, documents and every kind of content find a home in the pool (we’ll explain here why the term pool is used). Thanks to filters and search function, finding it all is as easy as it gets, no matter how much media is stored in the pool or however long ago it was produced. Eligible persons can share access to the data at the same time and from anywhere. Content availability for third persons is also no problem – thanks to password protection, access can be individually regulated.

To sum things up: as the term says, content is subject matter, media and data which you or somebody else has created for your further use. The Content Pool serves as a collective basin and provides you and designated others, instant access to whatever is stored there.

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